Contemporary Ceramic Egg Cup “Marquise”

The designer ceramic luxury egg cup

This luxury egg cup is inspired by the iconic champagne glass shape called “Pompadour”. It is designed and handcrafted by the french designer ceramist in Nevers.

Contemporary Ceramic Egg Cup “Marquise”


Technical Details

Material: Earthenware (ceramic)
Dimensions: L x l x H
9,5 x 9,5 x 8,5 cm

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Luxury Egg cup for a luxury moment

The designer’s  ceramic egg cup is one of the most favorite items of the designer. “L’oeuf à la coque” is a precious moment for the designer who enjoys cooking for this moment and taking time.  Then it was necessary to create a fine egg cup for this moment with a touch of luxury, and fun.

Modern designer ceramic egg cup
Ceramic modern white egg cup
Ceramic modern black egg cup
Ceramic designer modern egg cup