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Large vase Spaceship

In the aerodynamic universe, the designer introduces a new high-end vase that aims to be futuristic: the Spaceship vase. Drawing inspiration from the world of science fiction, the designer creates a tall, frontal, and radical vase. The forms are inspired by a modern aesthetic of science fiction. The shape of the vase is imagined as a vessel or architecture whose functioning is unknown, making it a mystery: an unidentified (flying?) object.

Large vase Spaceship


Technical Details:

Height: 40cm Materials: White earthenware Firing using green energy

Production lead time for made-to-order: 1 month

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An avant-garde ambiance in your interior

Before the design, the focus was primarily on the ambiance, the feeling. It’s a mysterious ambiance with a futuristic object, all in curves. It’s incomprehensible, prompting exploration and wanderings into different horizons, different journeys to uncharted places.

An aerodynamic sculpture 

For the designer, this vase is ideal for decorating a bookshelf, a dresser. It needs to be viewed from the front and can be slightly turned around. This vase is almost an aerodynamic, futuristic sculpture that doesn’t need flowers.

Grand Vase luxe noir design Aero Detail

When form follows function. 

The vase must stand upright. To solve this equation, the shape is designed in a particular way. The lines are drawn to transition towards the back and the front to stabilize this tall 40cm vase. The shape is tailored to this constraint.

Vase luxe céramique designer moderne aero

Contemporary Space Age design 

One could almost speak of a modern “Space Age design” line. The designer envisions a sort of wing placed vertically, deformed, with added tension and stylistic lines. The drawing takes shape. The vase is originally conceived in black.

Grand Vase luxe noir design Aero
Grand Vase luxe blanc design Aero
Grand Vase luxe céramique design Aero