Modern Luxury Teapot

Modern luxury teapot, handmade in ceramic

The designer creates a modern luxury teapot. This contemporary teapot aims to be unique with a pure and modern aesthetic. The singularity of the teapot imagined by Clément Boutillon is given by a mix of radical shapes and elegant curves.

The ceramic (earthenware) teapot is available in two sizes. It is designed and handmade in the designer studio in France.

A homemade filter is included in the teapot. Classic filters can be used too for thin cut leaves.

The earthenware (Faïence) material gives a high lightness to the teapot compared to conventional cast iron teapots.

This designer teapot has been has been designed with a cup and a saucer available on the online store.


Last pieces available before changing the finish

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Modern Luxury Teapot


Technical Details

Capacity: 0.5 Liter and 1 liter
Colors: Black, White, Ice Finish
Material: Earthenware
Weight: 0.7 kg for the small and 1kg for the large teapot

Does not go on fire or electrical system.
1- Heat the water with a kettle
2- Pour the hot water in the teapot.
3-Place the filter
4-Take off the filter when the tea has infused

Luxury ceramic designer teapot

The luxury teapot with a modern and minimalist design

          The teapot design is clearly different from other teapots.  The design process was very long and complicated. The singularity of the object is given by a mix of radical shapes, and elegant curves to create a modern designer teapot.

          Viewed from above, the teapot has a perfect round shape. Viewed from the side, the line of the object is regular, without accident. The lit is on the same level as the body.

Luxury ceramic designer teapot

Modern teapot, but well-designed

       The handle is rounded to be comfortable. It is composed of an angle placed on the gravity line of the body. Therefore the object is light and easy to use.

Homemade Filter

          In order to avoid the importation of a filter, a ceramic filter is designed for the teapot. It can be replaced by a conventional filter. 

Handmade in France

 The ceramic teapot is handmade in earthenware in the studio of the designer in Burgundy, France.

Luxury handmade designer white teapot
Luxury handmade designer large black teapot
Luxury handmade ceramic teapot pink
Luxury handmade designer teapot boutillon