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The Design Studio

With locations in Nevers and Paris, the studio offers product design, space design, and 3D rendering services for companies, decorators, and retailers.

Designer Clément Boutillon is renowned for his advanced aesthetic vision, technical expertise in object modeling, and commitment to client satisfaction.

Product Design

From Prestigious Schools to Renowned Artists

Upon graduating from ENSAAMA Olivier de Serres, the designer has collaborated with distinguished designers and artists such as Kossi Aguessy, design agencies like Servaire and Co, and various entrepreneurs to conceptualize the latest gems in design, furniture, decoration, and retail.

Designer for Startups, Retailers, Decorators, and More

Today, the designer supports companies, startups, retailers, and decorators with their needs in product design and space design for the realms of decoration, interior layout, accessories, lighting, and many other domains. The aim is to create, realize, improve, and modernize their projects in terms of product and space. In collaboration with the company’s manufacturers or our own, the designer develops innovative creative solutions.

Multidisciplinary Design, Small and Large Objects

From small accessories to complete interior layouts, all requests are considered.

Interior Design and 3D Visualization


Space Design and 3D Rendering

Since 2018, the designer has been assisting retail design studios in the process of creation and 3D rendering, producing synthetic images of projects for clients at all stages.

Rendu 3D restaurant hotel decoration interieur

Tailored Support: From Service to Creative Follow-up

We offer customized support from the initial plans to model the space and layout, working closely with the company to ensure the smooth creative development of interior design. This service is available for living spaces, stores, hotels, and more.

Rendu 3D architecture hotel

From Photography to 3D Rendering

With a long-standing practice in photography, we love to combine this expertise with visualization skills, effectively managing the details of your visualizations. In 2024, the studio is equipping itself with a brand-new machine to handle very large spaces.