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Medusa Vase

The Medusa vase features a design inspired by the renowned Medusa lamp by the designer. It’s a generous vase, ideal for placement at the center of a table and for composing with passion and abundance.

Medusa Vase


Technical Details

Height : 40 cm
Glazed white earthenware Fired using green energy Made in France in the designer's workshops.
Custom-made production with a one-month lead time.

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Luxury designer large vase Medusa Clément Boutillon

Design of the Medusa vase

 For this new piece from the “Oceans” collection, the designer envisioned an aesthetic that is notably different from the Medusa lamp, which retains a unique form due to its limited edition of 12 pieces. Thus, the designer reimagined the vase differently. While the overall contour of the shape is retained, the surface of the vase undergoes significant changes to adopt a much more dynamic, natural, and sensual character.

Large-necked vase 

Compared to other vases in the designer’s collection, the Medusa vase has the widest neck. It’s perfect for more generous bouquets.

Luxury Designer Large Vase Medusa Ceramic
Luxury Designer Large Vase Medusa Ceramic