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Special Thanks

This adventure with you is first of all a human story. Full of questions, exchanges of skills, conversations and it is a constant learning process. This is why I love this job so difficult. This is why it is more a pleasure than a job to be a designer artist. Thank to them and to you who take a few minutes to discover my work.

The Crafstmen and creators.

Thymoté Bourreau, Graphic Designer for the creation of the graphic identity of self edited pieces 
Carole Georges and Jean François Dumont from Faïencerie Georges
Mathias Baden, Jeweller
Jean-Pierre Cottet Dubreuil, Goldsmith Richard Orfèvre
Atelier Devisme, Saddler

Gallery and Exhibitors

Maison du Bac , Paris

Richard Orfèvre, Paris



Marie-Anne Barjhoux for her help in my questions, in my exhibition, in the evolution of my projects.
Anne Couvert Castera for her help in texts
Esther Szac pour her advices in the graphic work for self edited pieces.